WIN Home Inspection Services

Michael N.
"Our WIN Home Inspector was incredibly nice and very informative. Thanks WIN!!"
James W.
"My inspector was fabulous and exceeded our expectations in every aspect…Thanks for a wonderful experience."
Chris A.
"Excellent job! The inspector's findings on the property were invaluable and helped me make a very informed decision about the purchase."
"Very knowledgeable, took time to really involve me. Greatly appreciated the extra effort by the WIN Home Inspector to explain what was wrong, and also what needs to be done in the future."
Anne V.
"My inspector has been available to answer additonal questions and assist us in any way we need. He is an exceptional inspector!"
Mel A.
"The inspection report was detailed, thorough, easy to understand, and covered everything that was WIN Home Inspector went over and above my expectations."
Kelly B.
"Due to WIN Home Inspection's quality inspection, I was able to get the sellers to replace the furnace and repair the improperly installed roof."
Jim & Elaine W.
"Our inspector far surpassed what we would have expected, he was very professional and informative. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone."
Ayenis R.
"I had a great experience with WIN. The inspector answered all our questions and treated us like family. I would definitely use this company again in the future."
Cathy K.
"I particularly liked the way my inspector took the time to explain what he was doing and why. He was always patient and never talked down to me. ...I will recommend him to my friends."
Peter K.
"Inspection Relief! Our WIN Home Inspector far exceeded our expectations. He was prompt and arrived when scheduled. ...He was very polite and explained any, and all, questions ... Thanks again!"
Corey H.
"My WIN Home Inspector provided an excellent service and was very knowledgable in all aspects of the inspection. I would definately reccomend him for any one of my friends and family."
Jacob & Bette T.
"We were very pleased to have an inspector who did a thorough job without causing disturbance to our household or belongings. He sent us a very comprehensive report, complete with pictures..."
Dave R.
"I expected a delay but my inspector was there the next AM as he said he would be. I had this report before 10:00 AM the same day. Good job and thanks. "
Tammi K.
"Our WIN Home Inspector is so detail oriented in his inspection! He didn't miss a thing. We were very happy with his services. I couldn't expect more from an inspector than the services he provided us."
Barbara C.
"My inspector answered all of my questions, gave us a comprehensive report, was thorough and detailed in his evaluation and even came over for a followup inspection."
Jon L.
"I have had other inspections done in the past and NONE were as though and professional and informative as this inspection was. The WIN Home Inspector did a wonderful job in every aspect of the inspection."
Rita T.
"Based on the house inspection and all the areas of concerns that were found, we decided not to purchase the home. WIN Home Inspection saved us stress and heartache in the future."
Thomas H.
"Not only did my WIN Home Inspector provide a very professional inspection, but he was able to walk me through the home and "teach" me about maintenance, long-term care and general house repair."
Dave M.
"My WIN Home Inspector was very personable, and was eager to share his knowledge with me, a first-time home buyer. I was impressed and have no reservations regarding the top notch quality of the inspection."